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Thursday, 19th April 2018


Madressa Annual Day 2013

Annual Prize distribution day for academic year 2012 was held on Saturday 9th Feb 2013 to recognise the great efforts of our children in the Madressa. The occasion provided an opportunity for the children to share their learning with parents, teachers and their colleagues. Each class presented on a given theme including some pre-prepared videos which showed the dedication and hard work of our children in making the occasion informative and enjoyable for the audience.

The programme started by the recitation of Quran by Syed Jarrar Hussain (Adl class) and translation was read by Zain Mohammed (Imamat class). The entire program was chaired by Rameez Naqvi (Tawheed class). Each class presented their learning on a given topic and made the event as interactive as possible. The chosen topics were as follows:

1. Good deeds and bad deeds
2. Heaven and hell
3. Guess the prophets of Islam
4. Show our prophet in good light in 21st Century
5. Our response to the 'innocence of Muslim'

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Code of Conduct



‘Shia Ithna’asheri Madressa of Essex aims to provide its students a foundation in Quran, Islamic Law (Fiqh), Islamic History (Tareekh), and Islamic Conduct (Akhlaq). Shia Ithna’asheri Madressa Essex’s focus is also set on to help Muslim children acquire the necessary skills to enable them to constructively contribute to the wellbeing of the society in which they live.’


Code of Conduct 2016


  1. Class location: All students must familiarise themselves with location of their classes and nearest fire exit.


  1. Snacks: Children should be provided with light snacks to be consumed during break-time only. No food / drink must be consumed in classes during teaching time.


  1. First Aid: If you are hurt and need medical attention, tell your teacher. During break time or in his / her absence, please contact Dr Qamar Abbas / Mrs Saira Haji / Zubair Zaidi / Mashood Shah.


  1. Attendance: Attendance will be registered at 09:45. If you arrive after 1000. It will be marked ½ absent. All attendances are marked towards final exams. If a child is being regularly late, a meeting between parents and Principal / Deputy Principal may be required before allowing the child back in class.


  1. Absence: In case of a child’s absence, Madressa administration team must be informed.


  1. Entrance: All parents are encouraged to bring their children to School main hall and collect them from School building. This is to avoid children walking unattended in School parking, which is our due responsibility due to health and safety concerns.


  1. Discipline: Madressa administration will request strict observation of discipline. All parents are requested to encourage their children to observe discipline in Madressa. Madressa requires parents’ full cooperation to achieve good disciplinary standards in Madressa. Therefore, any events will be reported to Principal / Deputy Principal. It will be on their discretion and assurance from parents that the pupil is allowed back in Madressa community.


  1. Mobile Phones: Mobile phones are strictly forbidden at Madressa. Any urgent messages should be relayed to Minaz Kapasi (Administrator) or Sister Syeda Ambreen Rahat (Parents’ representative).


  1. Dress Code: Dress code observation will apply on all teachers / students / parents attending any Madressa proceeding.
  • Boys are requested to wear full length shirts and trousers.
  • Girls are requested to wear knee-length tops and head coverings as well.
  1. Manuals etc.: Pupils are always expected to bring their manuals and writing aids. In senior classes, if required, a copy of Holy Quran and Islamic Laws from Ayatullah Sistani should also be brought in. Madressa will provide first copy of Islamic Laws. If further copies are needed, these can be provided at the market price. Pupils are strictly required to treat their manuals with utmost respect. The manuals contain holy writings. In case of losing or destroying manuals, a charge will apply to replace.


  1. Class cleanliness: Madressa hires Chancellor Park premises to run its activities. At the end of Madressa, all possessions must be collected and class-room must be left tidy as we find it. This is the responsibility of all students. Students should check with the teacher of last lesson, whether cleanliness is acceptable.


  1. Salaat: Salaat recitations are carried out at 1330 in main hall. All students are required to get there in time after doing wudhoo. No students are exempt from doing salaat.


Parents’ Representative: In case of any questions/need, please contact Parents’ representative (Sister Syeda Ambreen Rahat) ambreensdn@hotmail.com or 07456018831, who will liaise with concerned administration / teaching personnel and report back to you.




On 6th March 2010, 19th Rabi-ul-Awwal 1431 AH, Essex madressa celebrated the 1484th birthday of Holy Prophet (SAWW).

It was a heartening sight from the beginning of the day when most teachers and students attended the madressa dressed in green to remember the favourite colour of Holy Prophet (SAWW).

After the break, students of Sakina and Fatima classes gathered to play game organised by Sister Farwa Jeddy in the spirit of Islam. Students of Maryam, Narjis and Zainab classes gathered to participate in a Quiz contest organised by Sister Akila Manji. Questions were based on the life history of Holy prophet (SAWW).

Students were divided into Makka, Madnia and Baqi teams. After some tense close rounds, Baqi team won by just one point in the end. Baqi team comprised of Hamza Abbas (Captain), Nayla Panjwani, Razia Bakhshi, Zahra Zaman, Mustafa Shah and Asad Naqvi.

After the quiz, salaat Zuhrain were offered at awwal waqt to recall the tradition of Prophet (SAWW). It was followed by Cake cutting and present distribution. This event was organised by Sister Shabnam Valji.

It was heartening to see children remembering Holy prophet (SAWW)’s birthday in an emphatic way. We hope that we can keep on encouraging children to quench their thirst of knowledge about our holy personalities.


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SIM Stanmore Principal and Ladies Coordinator visit

SIM Stanmore Principal and Ladies Coordinator visitOn 28th June, we had the pleasure of having Shia Ithna Asheri Madressa of Stanmore Principal Br. Shafique Govani and Ladies Coordinator Sister Fehmida Merali for visit.
Principal Dr. Qamar Abbas, Lead Administrator Sr. Saima Ali, Teacher Br. Muntazir Haji and Parents' Representative accompanied the visitors around madressa and then all the teachers joined them for tea at breaktime.
 SIM Stanmore Principal and Ladies Coordinator visit
Ideas were exchanged. They were briefed on madressa activities and oncoming ventures like Sports day, Ramadhan activities and Madressa magazine. Madressa team is grateful to visitors for their kind words. SIM Stanmore is a large institution with over 800 students and SIM Essex uses the manuals produced by them. They also shared their experience on improving teaching methods esp. their planned use of Information Technology for information dissemination and assessments.
We bid them farewell with commitment to liaise and share the experiences.

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