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Thursday, 19th April 2018


Madressa Parents Day 2016 and Contribution to Charity

On Saturday 12th March, SI Madressa of Essex held its Annual Parents Day at Chancellor Park Primary School. All teachers and parents accompanied by their children attended Madressa and were informed about the progress of their children as well as about plans for coming academic year.

As a tradition at Essex Madressa, this year, a local charity was chosen for Madressa students to raise their sense of contribution to community and to help the suffering members of Essex community. This charity was CHESS.

CHESS stands for "Churches Homeless Emergency Support Scheme". Homelessness is real. At any one time CHESS expects to have links with significant numbers of homeless people, a number which increases as the weather becomes harsher in winter months. CHESS also receives significant numbers of new requests for emergency accommodation each month. Their activities can be seen at http://www.chelmsfordchess.org/

Students of Essex Madressa collected tins of fruits and usable items like Washing powder, sacks, coffee, milk etc. and donated these to a representative from CHESS. Mr Trevor Mylatt attended to collect the goods and next week (19th March), he visited again to thank the students at Madressa. He showed a short video and informed children of their activities to help homeless people.

On Parents Day, students of Essex Madressa also started making a quilt with their hand impressions which on completion will be donated to a charity for homeless.

Principal Dr Qamar Abbas reminded students of the wise saying of Imam Ali AS.

'Those who have the same religion as you have; they are brothers to you, and those who have religions other than that of yours, they are human beings like you. Let your mercy and compassion come to their rescue and help in the same way and to the same extent that you expect Allah to show mercy and forgiveness to you.' He reminded all students that homelessness and poverty are real issues in world and we as human beings have a duty towards fellow human beings. He thanked students and parents for their kind donations. He prayed that may Allah encourage all Essex Madressa community to keep engaged in their duty to help fellow beings.

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Annual Sports Day - Photos

On Saturday 17th July, the SI Madressa of Essex held its Annual Sports Day at Lawford Mead Primary School.  All members of the community were invited to attend and there was a great turnout.
Activities commenced at 10.00am.  A number of sports and activities were offered, starting with a football match between the boys and parents.  The match was a score draw resulting in a penalty shootout, won by the boys.  There was also a lively game of cricket.  The girls enjoyed a game of rounders.  There were also teamed fun sports, ranging from "egg and spoon" for the youngest, to 3-legged race for the older participants! 
All these strenuous activities built up a thirst for an ice lolly or a "99" from the ice-cream van.  Interspersed between these sports, there was an opportunity to visit various stalls raising money for charity.  The youngest children were able to enjoy the bouncy castle.  Following afternoon prayers, there was a VIP visit from the Mayor of Chelmsford Borough Council, Councillor Alan Arnot and his wife.  They met members of the community and were appreciative of the hospitality shown to them on the day.  Other visitors on the day included the headmistress of Lawford Mead School, Miss Jackie Dawson, and a representative from Kidscape, a children-based charity raising much-needed funds for deprived children.
The day ended by speeches from the Madressa Principal, Dr. Qamar Abbas; Essex Jamaat President, Br. Sajjad Manji; Mayor Alan Arnot; and the Kidscape representative.  £125 was raised on the day and a cheque was handed over to Kidscape by Br. Sajjad Manji.
The day ended with a delicious lunch of kebab rolls, pakoras and samosas.
All in all, the day was blessed by good weather, a great turnout and several hours of sports and activities.  We thank the entire Madressa team for organising another very successful Sports Day and pray for its continued success.  A few photos from the day are shown below.


Young children of Muslim Shia Ithna-Asheri Madressa of Essex raise money for hospice


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In the month of Muharram, MSI Jamaat of Essex conducted various projects to inform general population to inform them about the sacrifice of Imam Hussain (AS). SI Madressa of Essex students could not stay behind and took great steps to help such efforts. They joined hands to support local St Clare Hospice, Hastingwood, Essex. Firstly, they raised £1,000 to help terminally ill patients' care at the hospice. Then a selection of them dedicated a day to the hospice, when the visited hospice and volunteered on Hospice's 'Winter walkies' day. This effort went a long way in making students realise about suffering of people,
familiarising general population with the name of Imam Hussain (AS) and creating relationship with a notable charity and general population. Hospice Fund-raising Manager Anna Baldwin wrote to madressa students:

'Thank you both for helping at the winter walkies event at the weekend and for generous donation of £1,000. We really appreciate that you gave up part of your weekend to help make our event a success and I hope that you managed to cope with all the mud and had fun! As you can imagine that being a charity we rely on volunteers like yourselves to keep our work going. So thank you for being a part of it. The services we provide to our patients are also costly, so we welcome the money you donated which will go towards helping our patients and their families. Thank you once

(Picture –Aliabbas Haji, Hani Abbas, Suhail Haji, Ammar Abbas, Fazal Kapasi)



Felicitations to all brothers and sisters in Iman and Imam AS of our time on the joyous and fulfilling day of Eid-ul-fitr. We have prayed and repented during the month of Ramdhan and hope that this day is a testament of our submission to Allah.   This month also saw an effort from our madressa graduate students. You will recall that last year, a malicious movie was showed on youtube, called 'Innocence of Muslims', which made an effort to (Naooz-o-billah) malign Muslims and esp. Holy Prophet SAWW. Our students felt that it was their duty to respond to this.

 They got together and prepared a movie, PROPHET MUHAMMAD: A BEAUTIFUL MIND, which was shown on Madressa Annual day and this Ramadhan, was aired on Ahlebait TV during Ramadhan as well.




 Link 1 shows the movie and their interview as they explain their experience of making a movie. Link 2 speaks about their perceptions as they live their lives as Shia Muslim youths in UK.

 Please encourage your family/friends to watch, make comments and also pass on the link to their contacts so that our this act encourages our youths in their efforts.


Madressa 12 Gazette CoverOn the occasion of its annual day, Essex madressa published its annual magazine 'Imam Ali Reza AS Gazette'. This magazine was compiled by students of madressa and its theme was around its class names, which were Tawheed, Adl, Nabuwwat, Imamat and Ma'ad. The annual 'Sayyeda Zainab SA lecture' was delivered by Shaykh Jaffer Ladak.

CVopies have been posted to madaris in UK and elsewhere but if you are interested in a copy, please email madressa@essexjamaat.org.uk

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